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There is something special about a well thought out and curated ear project.  Ear projects are the epitome of a custom look, curated to a client’s unique anatomy.  Oftentimes ear projects allow for piercers and clients to collaborate on creating a look that clients may deem only achievable on Pinterest. 

Luckily with the help of skilled Piercing Professionals and in depth initial planning ,

these custom looks have become more and more popular!

Ear Curation is an artistic and holistic approach to wearing multiple jewellery pieces in the ear

Each ear is unique and therefore each piercing placement needs to be perfect for the individual ear shape and overall curated design

Our curation specialists will collaborate with you and use their piercing placement expertise and artistic vision to completely customise a unique design experience.

Every piercing performed at Vanity  comes with an ear styling consultation!


Fine Print:

*Every piercing appointment comes with a comprehensive consultation including, piercing placement, jewellery selection, information & consent form & aftercare explanation (complementary premium aftercare packs included) 

*We are Appointment Only - no walk-in's 

*We can not install purchased jewellery once it has left the studio however if we have uninstalled & bag sealed it in the studio we can reinstall as long as the packaging has not been tampered with

*Piercings are performed using a fine medical grade disposable piercing needle.

*Piercings are priced separately from Jewellery, 

*Jewellery purchased from outside the studio can not be used for the piercing.  All jewellery used for piercing meets a specific industry grade and code. Each piece of jewellery is processed and sterilized to meet strict state and territory health and safety regulations

* Vanity Piercing  Studio provides a superior service & can not be held responsible for clients not following service aftercare recommendations. Each service comes with complementary detailed aftercare instructions, recommendations & ongoing information support

*Once the service has been provided, It is not Vanity Studio's responsibility to provide ongoing care for a client’s piercings or jewellery nor can the studio control what a client does with their piercing / jewellery afterwards. However, we do make every effort to ensure each client receiving a service is provided with optimal information needed for service aftercare.

*The studio is not financially responsible to incur costs arising from healing difficulties in which aftercare (including jewellery aftercare) has not being followed or correctly adhered to but does offer services which can provide further assistance

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