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I have a passion for the importance of brows due to my own personal journey with a form of Alopecia.


Six years ago my eyebrow hairs started falling out and as a result I found my self constantly filling in my brows everyday.


Having my eyebrows micro

bladed changed my life!


After the confidence it gave me I realised I had the zeal to be a microblading artist myself and to help other people by boosting their confidence and provide them with gorgeous and natural-looking eyebrows


I have spent countless hours researching and up skilling myself in the latest brow expertise. I am highly trained in being able to spot the right mix of colors, the appropriate hair density and patterns, and the perfect eyebrow design that’s perfectly suited to the overall symmetry of my client’s face.

Microblading also known as Feather Touch brows, are a form of semi permanent makeup that lasts for 12 - 24 months depending on your skin type ans lifestyle,small hair like strokes are added using a hand tool to closely mimic the look of a natural hair. perfect for those who want to acheive a soft natural looking brow.

Ombre powder brows are created with a machine to give the look of a lightly tinted or filled in brow. This can be done very lightly for those who are fair or darker for those who want a more 'done' look. This treatment last approx 18 - 24 months 

Combo brows are a combination of both hairs strokes at the front and machine shading at the mid to ends.


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NO Full Appointments will be made

without a 30 min Consult $70


At your consultation a $200 Deposit is required to secure your Full Appointment and will be forfeited if less than 3 days notice is not given for a cancellation


Micro Blading, Ombre or


PLUS 1.5 hour $750


12 - 18 month Retouch $200


18 - 24 months $300


Over 2 years deemed

to be a Full Set

What is the difference between 
Micro Blading :  Ombre : Combination
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