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The faces behind Ear Piercing & Curation by Vanity  bringing you our coveted piercing and styling experience, is our duo of talented piercers. 

Our pierces offer guidance and anatomy expertise, as they begin your piercing journey.

Equipping you with information and advice for balanced and considered styling.
An individual experience, piercings are conducted privately in our private sterile Piercing Studio Room .

We are committed to providing the highest standards of service and offering extensive aftercare support



Dakota's goal is for her clients to look in the mirror & LOVE who they see looking back.

She’s a pro at putting together stylish jewelry set ups all while creating a calm but fun atmosphere for your piercing experience!

Her eye for placement and encouraging demeanor will make for a super relaxed and positive experience.

What's your favourite piercing and why? 
My favourite piercing is definitely Conch. It is centre in the middle of the ear and balances the silhouette. It’s nice on its own and as well surrounded by other piercings. 

What is your favourite tip/trick?
Piercings are actually quite interconnected with our bodies. Ensuring that we are in the best of health directly correlates to a smooth healing process.
Patience is key when it comes to healing, as piercings can take longer to heal than most people would expect.


Chelsea loves what she does and strives to make your piercing experience the best.

She feels it  important  that every client feels welcome and comfortable (our shop ethos) and she goes above and beyond to make sure clients love their experience here.
I enjoy guiding a client through the piercing process, equipping them with the knowledge and confidence to take their piercing smoothly through its healing journey. 

What’s your favourite piercing and why? I like all ear piercings – I don’t really have a favourite! I like to combine them and use different types of jewellery to make the ear look pretty.

What is your favourite tip?
Gloves make a world of difference, not only for hygiene reasons but for grip. For anyone at home trying to change their jewellery a pair of latex gloves will be your greatest asset.

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