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Now I hear what you're saying, how can anything with the word Chamomile be strong enough to blast this nightmare from my body. Don't be fooled. Chamomile tea contains powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties and instantly works to calm the skin when applied topically.


What you'll need;

  • A box of Chamomile tea bags (organic is best but use what you have)

  • Himalayan pink salt or any non-iodized salt

  • Filtered water


How to make-

  1. Make a cup of Chamomile tea using the filtered water

  2. Dissolve 1/4 tsp of Himalayan pink salt in the tea (leave tea bag in)

  3. Use the teabag as a warm compress against your lump for 5 minutes, (re-dunk if it cools) do this 3 times a day until the lump disappears.


Be patient when using this protocol, it may take a couple of weeks but with vigilance and the source of the irritation removed, this formula will clean up even the most gory of lumps. It may go through some unsightly stages but don't despair. Sometimes these things get worse before they get better.


If you ever have concerns that your lump looks infected, get it checked out by a doctor.

The  Chamomile 

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